Safety Facts


  • ATRAC’s Proof Load Testing is essential requirement in any inspection and maintenance program in lifting gear and equipment.
  • A successful load test performed by ATRAC instills confidence in the class and flag authorities as well as in the customer, equipment operator and equipment owner.
  • ATRAC’s Load Tests with water filled proof load bags are recognized world wide as a safe, efficient and cost effective solution.
  • ATRAC’ s Water Bags were designed and each one is physically proof load tested  to ensure their operational integrity in challenging work environments (Safety Factor 6:1)
  • More safety during load tests due to Gradual Application of the Load
  • In the event of failure of the equipment under test, consequential loss or damage is usually limited and often prevented when using ATRAC Water Bags.
  • The load applied is naturally centralized by gravity avoiding unbalance and overstress by the load being applied, especially in unsheltered offshore waters.
  • The light weight of the water bags allows operation where heavy weights and big trucks cannot operate.